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Amos Lee | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN

Amos Lee wasn’t shy about reminding tonight’s NonCOMM crowd about his Philly roots. He referred to a new song as a “jawn,” and mentioned what an honor it was to perform between a set between two of his “heroes” — making a sandwich pun while admitting he knew the vernacular here is “hoagie.” All jokes aside, Lee was able to take his Philly pride and convert it into a passionate set for his hometown crowd.

Lee and his band started with “Windows Are Rolled Down” and then played “Jesus,” a song Lee said is about his grandfather. Next came a few new ones, the first being “Vaporize.” An experimental feel oozed from its sounds, as one of the band members put down his guitar to play an electronic drum pad. Another new song “Running Out Of Time” brought the most soul of the set, as Lee sang the words “Lord have mercy” while backed by some blaring horns. The metronome was then dialed back on “Spirit,” what Lee said will be the title track of his next album. He wrote it in New Orleans with Jason Eskridge.

The band then walked off the stage, leaving behind just Lee and his guitar. The crowd shushed those talking at the bar in the back as Lee told the story behind his next song. He had sung for a friend’s dad who was near death, while around the same time his own uncle was about to pass. He wrote the song for his aunt, who he said was with her husband during his final moments. Things got quiet, while Lee sang “when there are no cures, my pain becomes yours.”

As time ran down, the band returned for two final songs. The first, “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight,” is a song Lee said he wrote about Philadelphia. Then to end things came the song we all expected: “Sweet Pea.” “You’re the only reason I keep on coming home,” sang Lee. Well, you and I are probably not be the sweet pea Lee was singing to there. But nevertheless, we sure are glad he came home.

Windows are Rolled Down
Running Out Of Time
With You
Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
Sweet Pea

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