The Jayhawks | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN

I was not even alive during The Jayhawks‘ heyday. Look around World Cafe Live during their NonCOMM set tonight, and that might have been obvious — heads of grey hair bobbed throughout the crowd. The age gap didn’t matter tonight, though. The Jayhawks proved they can stand the test of time, putting on a marvelous set for a crowd of young and old. They played new songs like “Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces,” off this year’s Paging Mr. Proust. Another new one, “I’ll Be Your Key,” slowed things down from the country rock the Minneapolis band has been making since the ’80s.

The Jayhawks – NONCOMM 2016

While this new material was well received, the classics were what the crowd seemed to enjoy most. When Gary Louris announced they would play some older ones, saying “this is so you remember who we are,” the crowd gave its loudest roar of the set. And things got a little wild on stage too — a speaker tumbled over during the final song. It gave both Louris and the crowd a laugh, providing some comedic closure to what was a seamless blend of past and present by The Jayhawks.

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Leaving The Monsters
Comeback Kids
Lovers of the Sun
Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces
I’ll Be Your Key