1954 – Bill Haley and the Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” is released. It is not successful until it is released in 1955 on the soundtrack to Blackboard Jungle.

1966 – When John Entwistle and Keith Moon are very late for a Who show at the Rikki Tik club in Newbury, England, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey go on with members of the local opening act as their rhythm section. Entwistle and Moon show up halfway through, a fight breaks out amongst the band (Townshend hits Moon in the head with his guitar), and after the show Keith announces that he and John are leaving to form a duo. All is well a week later when they patch things up.

1967 – The Beatles premiere Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on BBC radio, where they talk about making the classic album. The song “A Day In The Life” is skipped, as the BBC bans it for drug references.

1969 – Led Zeppelin start three days of sessions at A&R Studios in New York City, which include the recording of “Heartbreaker” for the group’s forthcoming second album.

1970 – George Harrison meets producer Phil Spector at Abbey Road Studios to play demos of the songs which will appear on his debut solo album, All Things Must Pass.

1970 Let It Be, the final feature film involving The Beatles, is premiered simultaneously in London and Liverpool a week after the film’s US release.


1985 – Hall & Oates perform with Temptations’ Eddie Kendrick and David Ruffin at the reopened Apollo Theatre in Harlem. The concert is later released as Live At The Apollo.

1997 – Foo Fighters release their sophomore album The Colour And The Shape, which was nominated for the 1998 Best Rock Album Grammy. Even though they are an American band, the word “Colour” in the album title is spelled the British way as a nod to producer Gil Norton.


Information for this post was gathered from This Day in Music, The Music History Calendar, On This Day, and Wikipedia.