Big Head Todd and the Monsters | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Don’t tell Big Head Todd the guitar solo is dead, because he’ll tell you you’re wrong. Better yet he’ll show you you’re wrong, as he did tonight during Big Head Todd & The Monsters‘ set at NonCOMM. Every song of the 10-song set took time for Todd to shred on one of his axes.

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The crowd, or at least what was left of it, took to the shredding well. Being the last performance of the night, the NonCOMM contingency had dwindled since earlier. Those that did stay danced through the open floor of World Cafe Live seemingly without a care.

One of the band’s biggest songs is “Bittersweet,” an adjective that could easily be applied to NonCOMM’s nightcap. Bitter because of the cozy crowd when it deserved a lot more people watching. But mostly sweet, because Big Head Todd & The Monsters delivered a big-time performance.

Big Head Todd and The Monsters – NONCOMM 2016

Hey Delilah
Imaginary Ships
Wipeout Turn
Everything About You
Beautiful World
Broken Hearted Savior
It’s Alright
New World Arisen