Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds | photo courtesy of the artist

Led by veteran riff-wrangler Kermit Lyman, West Philly thrashy power trio Thee Nosebleeds teamed up with vocalist Sheena Powell on Mischief Night of 2014, and the resulting team is dynamic. Almost exactly a year ago, Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds released their debut EP Electric Church (listen below) and they’re getting ready to follow it up with a full-length, boldly titled The Revolution Will Be Amplified.

If you’re new to the band, Electric Church is a great way to get primed for Revolution – Lyman’s Motörhead-indebted riffing blazes out the speakers while Powell’s voice positively soars, propelled by the rhythm section of Kevin Cooper on bass and Chris Macklin on drums. The band sees it as a contrast between the angelic and the demonic, and I totally get that – but it’s also fist-flying rock and roll in the truest sense.

Give a listen below, and get details on Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds’ June 25th  album release party at Ortlieb’s with Thorazine, C-Dot and Come & Get It! over at Facebook.