Melissa Menago } Photo by Lauren Fleming

Little Crimes is the debut solo album from Melissa Menago, from the band June Divided. Out on July 22nd, Menago took time out from her lead singing duties from the band to record the album.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Menago attended the Cab Calloway School of the Arts and continued her music education at Drexel University’s music business program. Little Crimes showcases a more intimate, acoustic side of Menago’s music, and features June Divided’s Chris Kissel on guitar and Keith Gill on percussion.

At the center of the album is Menago’s confident voice, as she takes on some interesting covers (including a really unique mashup of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and the Postal Service’s “Some Great Heights”), along with original songs. Menago will be celebrating the release of her album on July 22nd at World Cafe Live.