Remote Places | photo courtesy of the artist

Fresh off the release of his debut EP Nights and Weekends, Remote Places has paired the single “It All Comes Back To You” with a whimsical visual component. The solo project of Philadelphia musician Justin Geller, (formerly of Pink Skull) Remote Places is surely an experimental endeavor — ever apparent on the album’s tracks and in the music video’s own beautiful make up.

Inspired by the 1981 avant-garde short film Portret Niewierny (Unfaithful Portrait) by Polish animator Ewa Bibańska, Geller, along with friend Branko Jakominich of Modern Mothers, created an alternate version of the piece chronicling a tale about “falling in love, falling out of love, falling back in love, and falling out of love again.” Layered with Remote Places’ soundscapes, it brings a new dimension of feeling and connection to the material.

As collages and cutouts of floating heads traipse across the screen, we watch as faces try to find their other half (quite literally, the face are shown in halves). Many are united just to be pulled apart moments later, highlighting the turbulence of dating and ever-changing emotions in the simplest of terms.

This unlikely matchup ends up being the perfect pairing to exemplify the themes found in “It All Comes Back To You.” Check out the music video below.