#TBTXPN: Watch 12 Essential One Hit Wonders for Throwback Thursday - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Today is #TBTXPN, #ThrowbackThursday on WXPN. Each Thursday during the summer through the end of August, we’ll be tripping back to a special year, genre, or movement in music. Today we’re putting the spotlight on some of the all-time great One Hit Wonders.

Defined as a band or artist that has had only one record place on the Billboard Top 40 charts, “One Hit Wonders” are responsible for some of the greatest pop songs that make up so much of our musical memories. Most of the time, when we think of a “one hit wonder” it’s the only record of an artist’s career that had defined them, and that we remember. Other times, it could be an artist who has had a significant catalogue of work but only ever had one Billboard Top 40 hit.

Below, watch ten essential one-hits; songs that we might like to forget but are forever etched upon our minds.

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