Field Mouse | photo by Shervin Lainez | courtesy of the artist

Ahead of their sophomore effort Episodic, due out on August 5th, Topshelf Records darlings Field Mouse have now released the album’s first and last songs as its two first singles.

We heard “The Mirror” earlier this month, a cathartic liberation fit with sneers (an audible, exasperated laugh makes it onto the track) and jeers (the first line holds nothing back with, “what a way to say fuck off”).

Changing pace, and for good reason seeing as an entire album’s worth of material lie in between them, second single “Out of Context” offers what feels like a culmination of the feelings as they may have diminished or burst on the previous tracks. These musical bookends help to define the album’s structure and what we can come to find in a little over a month.

After the total tell-off of “The Mirror,” “Out of Context” seems to say things more quietly, subtlety even. At the halfway mark the song builds to be more ferocious, pushed to a level that a final album cut deserves. Towards its finish, lead singer Rachel Browne dives into a dizzying spiral of guitar distortion, each “it hurts” more pained and pleading than the next. Letting the fuzz fade and dust settle, you’ll be left with a few feelings to sort out yourself.

Field Mouse has a hometown show on the first night of their fall tour at Boot and Saddle on August 4th. Tickets and more information on that show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar and take a listen to “Out of Context” below.