Ghost Gum | photo by Ariel Lynn | courtesy of the artist

Their only recording is a demo EP from 2014, and it ruled – so we’re super happy to see some signs of (current) life in the Ghost Gum camp. The band – which features Carolyn Haynes, formerly of Catnaps, along with Arik Dayan, Travis Gaston and Colins Regisford – teased that they were still around back in a February vaguebook post. In actuality they’d been in Headroom Studios, working on new recordings with Kyle Pulley, Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo, and last week the first of those songs saw the light of day via Bandcamp.

The cleverly-titled “Edible Complex” is a speedy and fuzzed-out rager betraying the band’s fondness for Joy Division (the beginning and beat has a total “Transmisison” vibe), old video games (those beeps and squeals) and melodic tones of hope (“can we make it if we try?”). The answer to that latter posed question, by our estimation, is “yes” – and we hope this song, a step into the light from its reverb-soaked early demos, is the beginning of an asskicking new release.

Listen to “Edible Complex” below.