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Nothing | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN |

Back in May, the Philly boys in Nothing announced a 30+ day long tour with Culture Abuse and WRONG in support of their second and most recent album, Tired Of Tomorrow. However, the last four days of this tour were something special. Although WRONG wasn’t able to join, Nothing did a small four day run with Culture Abuse, Citizen, and Mary Lattimore and Jeff Ziegler at the end of their tour. On Friday night, July 8th, this tour made its way to Philly, which was definitely monumental for these dudes considering it was the band’s official record release show for Tired Of Tomorrow in their hometown.

Mary Lattimore and Jeff Ziegler | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN |

Mary Lattimore and Jeff Ziegler were first to play and damn, was it beautiful. With Mary on harp and Jeff on guitar, synth, and melodica, this dynamic duo brought something different to the stage on Friday night, keeping the audience in awe the entire time. Their performance was basically a 15 minute long song, considering neither of them stopped to say a single word the entire time, but the audience was loving in. A twinkle of amazement was every person’s eye. I mean, come on, it’s not every day you see someone playing the harp at a punk show in 2016.

Culture Abuse | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN |

The San Fran punks in Culture Abuse were up next and man, did they bring the thunder. Not a moment during their set did the thrashing let up. The band played a decent amount of songs off of their debut full-length album, Peach, which even resulted in Nothing’s frontman, Dominic “Nicky” Palermo, getting a peach tattoo last month. Their set also included two songs off of the band’s 2014 EP/full-length teaser “Spray Paint The Dog”, “Nicotine” and “Perfect Light”. The crowd was definitely feelin’ this set, portrayed through the moshing and head banging happening during the whole set. One guy even worked his way up to the front, grabbed the stage, and was head banging so hard that he actually smacked his head right on stage, but he still kept going. Culture Abuse is definitely a band to keep your eyes on.

Citizen | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN |

Following Culture Abuse, Citizen was up next, a highly anticipated act of the night. A few people in the crowd even said they came for Citizen instead of Nothing. Don’t get me wrong, Citizen is amazing, but these people clearly didn’t know what they were in for when Nothing finally took the stage. To each their own I suppose. The band started off with “Silo”, their 2014 single, and then went directly into “Cement”, the first track off of their newest album, Everyone Is Going To Heaven, which was released in June of 2015. A decent amount of songs off of their 2013 hit full-length, Youth, were played as well. It’s always a powerful moment when frontman, Mat Kerekes, sings “The Night I Drove Alone”, which was the band’s second to last song. He screamed “I SHOULD’VE CRASHED THE CAR, THE NIGHT I DROVE ALONE”, and every single person in the crowd was climbing on top of one another, screaming the lyrics back in his face. A powerful song with a powerful meaning.

Nothing | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN |

Last, but certainly not least, Nothing finally came out on stage and kicked off their record release show with “Fever Queen”, the first song off of Tired Of Tomorrow. The Philly punks played “Vertigo Flowers” next, which is definitely a favorite off of the new album. Two songs “Chloroform” and “July the Fourth” were played next, which are both off of the band’s split EP with Whirr, released back in 2014. The dudes then thrashed to “Eaten by Worms,” which is when Nicky jumped into the crowd, guitar and all, and continued to jam out while crowd surfing. The band ended their set with “Dig”, a favorite off of the band’s 2014 release, “Guilty of Everything”. By this point, it was well past midnight, but the crowd still wanted more. Nicky proceeded to come out on stage, alone, and ramble on for a minute or so about how this is something he’s never done before, then proceeded to play “Tic Tac Toe” solo, which is a bonus track off of Tired Of Tomorrow. Guitarist, Brandon Setta, briefly joined Nicky on stage for some vocal harmony help. Following this solo performance, the whole band joined Nicky on stage again to play a killer cover of “Creep” by Radiohead. The band ended their three song encore with “Curse of the Sun”. This show was definitely a treat for the band’s hometown fans, friends, and family.

You can catch more photos from this killer show below:

Culture Abuse setlist:

Rainy Days
Peace on Earth
Turn It Off
Perfect Light

Citizen setlist:

Numb Yourself
Roam the Room
Figure You Out
Yellow Love
How Does It Feel?
The Night I Drove Alone
The Summer

Nothing setlist:

Fever Queen
Vertigo Flowers
July the Fourth
Eaten by Worms
Get Well
A.C.D. (Abscessive Compulsive Disorder)
Bent Nail


Tic Tac Toe (performed solo)
Creep (Radiohead cover)
Curse of the Sun

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