Dig into the archives of Musicians Talk for interviews with Alex G and more
Alex G. | Photo by Josh Pelta Heller for WXPN | hellerhound.com

Greg from Como Tapes dropped us a line this week to share a podcast he’s been working on for a few years, and boy are we glad he did. The Vermont / New Jersey tape label has been producing its Musicians Talk series since 2013, sitting down with local favorites and national up-and-comers to get into their heads about songwriting and to hear some live performances.

Digging through the podcast archives you’ll find an episode with Alex G, in which the Havertown native talks about his recording process and how it felt (way back in 2013) to start getting some recognition. In 2015 Greg brings in his friends in Buster, who discuss what it’s like to run how show in Philly.

Other episodes of note are a 2013 conversation with NYC singer-songwriter Xenia Rubinos, who’s making waves again with this summer’s excellent and important Black TerryCat, and a recent interview with Massachusetts’ Mal Devisa, discussing what it takes to give a powerful performance. (Both artists have shows coming up in Philly – get tickets and info here).

Next up is an interview with Emily Yacina, a friend and collaborator of Alex G’s who has been making her own beautifully composed music for many years. Out August 1st, the episode explores Yacina’s approach to handling expectations and her evolving performance style, while playing back some live recordings from a recent show.

Listen to a preview of Yacina’s appearance below and subscribe to Musicians Talk on iTunes for the full episodes.

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