RoseMary Fiki | Photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN |

XPoNential Music Fest 2016 is underway, and it is hot. No matter how hydrated you are, or how gusty these riverside breezes get, the temperature is already a factor here in Wiggins Park.

Just don’t tell RoseMary FiKi. The local singer-songwriter brought enough energy to the Marina Stage to satisfy the entire day, even though she was slotted just 25 minutes. Truthfully, it’s not even fair to just call her a singer-songwriter. Because for those 25 minutes, FiKi and her band dominated an audience that wasn’t ready for what they got.

Being the first artist to perform during a three day festival isn’t the easiest of tasks, but FiKi took on the challenge with a high-octane attitude and a glowing smile on her face. She bounced across the stage, belting out songs from her two EPs. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I say that because it even grabbed a hold of me. I tried to lay low, staying off to the side while still camping out right up front. But during the super fun jam “So Obvs,” FiKi leaned off of her platform and stared me down until I smiled just as bright as she was.

RoseMary Fiki | Photo by Cameron Pollack |

Her energy flowed into more of the crowd as the short set continued. FiKi made several attempts to encourage the people to feel the good vibes of her music in a variety of ways, from raising their hands in the air to getting up and dancing. Even though participation was limited, FiKi was determined to inject life into her listeners.

FiKi’s second to last song was Shapes, and in it she sings, “I want you to love me, I need you to need me.” Today, this festival did indeed need RoseMary FiKi. Her energy gave a necessary jumpstart to what is sure to be a rockin’ weekend. And thankfully, for about a half hour, this nasty heat was the last thing on my mind.



Apples & Oranges
So Obvs