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Low Cut Connie | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN | silvestography.com

At his beloved piano Shondra, Adam Weiner hopped onto his piano bench, and with one leg extended in the air parallel with the ground, he continued to bang the keys during Low Cut Connie‘s rousing set on the Jerseyarts.com Marina Stage. Weiner isn’t about conventional playing, standing on his bench has become so ingrained in the band’s shows that his microphone extends to compensate for the added height. At one point he even stomped the keys with his feet before shimming in circles and grooving his hips to the music.

“Let’s get weird,” Weiner shouted, and he tried his best to get the crowd up, dancing and being a little silly. “I don’t care who you are, how old you are or how young you are, what color you are, who you love, what you do — I need you to give me everything you have and shake it.” And so they did to the band’s song “Shake It Little Tina.”

The stage shenanigans continued when Weiner unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a patch of chest hair that he pretended to pluck out and blow into the audience like a dandelion. He wasn’t the only band member with a captivating performance, both guitarists would collide together, leaning against each other or butting heads. They would feed off each other’s energy, which sometimes led to one of them shredding on the ground.

Weiner walked to the front of the stage and mimed jumping into a pool, then actually dove into the sea of people below him. After walking around a bit, he reemerged to the stage to finish the song that was in progress.

“This next song is dedicated to the Schuylkill River,” Weiner said before the band went into “Swimmin’ In Dirty Water.” When Weiner noticed that the crowd wrapped around the entire stage, he moved to the back to sing to those behind the stage.

We enjoyed Low Cut Connie at this year’s NonComm and now XPN Fest, but if you just didn’t get enough the band announced that you’ll be able to catch them on September 30th at the Trocadero – tickets and information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar!

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