Radiant Life Perspective | via Facebook.com/RadiantLifePerspective

“I’ve got so much love inside of me / that you could live inside this heart,” songstress Bobbie Parker croons on “Secondhand,” the second track on Radiant Life Perspective‘s new album Little Light. The Philadelphia indie folk duo, comprised of Parker and Ian Bennett, captivate with wide open emotional proclamations such as this one, paired with beautiful vocal arrangements and an air of peacefulness.

The album explores a variety of different sounds and genres — a track that makes a point of this is “Shine A Little Light,” which moves away from the beginning song’s solely folk feelings for a burst of Vampire Weekend-esque vibes. It pops with peppy riffs and plentiful use of bongos, making for an instant feel good song of the summer.

“Starts Over Again,” while upbeat and friendly, seems to map out the ebbs and flows of a relationship that seemed to be doing well when the album first opened. Bennett sings, “And the game starts over again / you got me running around in circles again,” referring to the mental tricks going on behind the scenes —the song’s happy demeanor a symbol for how outward appearances can be deceiving.

“I Never Wanted To Hurt You” is a standout track for its experimentation with more electronic elements; they don’t overpower the otherwise mellow song, rather, they seem to add more of a mood to the piece.

“Jordyn’s Song,” “Light Ghost” and “Reaction / Reaction,” are all more delicate songs that offer a brief break from the album’s pressing action. At 14 songs long, Little Light is able to cover a lot of ground and many of the emotions that creep into our brains through the good times and bad with a loved one.

“And it makes me so sad sometimes / how all of us have fooled / ourselves into thinking / this is the best that we can,” Bennett sings on the heart wrenching, country-tinged closing track “Before You Leap.” It’s the perfect, heart-on-your-sleeve way to round out an album that’s unafraid to boldly explore its state of mind.

Listen to Little Light in full below.