RoseMary Fiki | Photo by Cameron Pollack |

Coming off of a killer XPN Fest set last weekend, local artist RoseMary Fiki has shared a new single called “I Got It.” Inspired by her heritage and a love of pop songs, the track pays homage to Fiki’s Nigerian ancestry through the lens of club-ready dance music.

As we learned at XPoNential, the Philadelphia artist is a natural performer. Her confidence and fiery personality come through both on stage an in her recordings, and “I Got It” takes that to a whole new level. Classic hip hop scratches give way to an echoing drum beat before RoseMary’s vocals come right up in your face, delivering lines that bounce along with the production. It has the catchiness to be a summer pop hit, while staying true to the roots of Fiki’s songwriting.

Listen to the single below and revisit Fiki’s at XPN Fest set here.