Mike Quinn | Photo courtesy of the artist

Mike Quinn has released a new collection of solo songs on an EP called Through Love, following up last December’s Tapiama with five colorful, upbeat tracks that fluctuate between psych and garage rock. The Purples guitarist is an expert in creating feel-good music that is overtly fun and happy – the perfect accompaniment to any summer activity.

EP opener “Make Me Sing” is a sonic smile, its choppy percussive hits and subtle synth sweeps leading into a dreamy guitar riff and catchy sing-along chorus. The dance party continues with the rockier “Slam the Door” before the title track bursts open with waves of cymbals and keys. The raucous “Kissin” is a down ‘n’ dirty garage rock number that gives the EP a bit of (love-filled) grit. On closer “Not Today” Quinn returns to the country twang that was woven through Tapiama, keeping things loose and light in the first half before hitting a bit of a Beatles-esque instrumental break.

Check out the EP below, and listen back to Tapiama here.