Restorations play 8Seconds for FEST 13| Photo by John Vettese

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new music from Philly punk soundscapers Restorations, but a break was certainly well-earned. The band went hard supporting their 2014 SideOneDummy release LP3 over a year and a half, and in the downtime since wrapping up thier last tour – a spring run with Creepoid – multi-instrumentalist Ben Pierce went and opened a pretty asskicking vegetarian restaurant in South Philly where you might just pick up your vegan chicken cheesesteak from somebody sporting a Municipal Waste t-shirt. Which is wonderful in and of itself.

But the band is far from dormant, as frontman Jon Loudon alludes to in their new digital single, released today: “oh, you can still write me letters,” he bellows. “Oh, we’d still breathe the same air.” See / Sea showed up this morning on Bandcamp, and finds Restorations in peak thundering anthem mode – spectral, spacious guitars splitting the aural night sky, a hail of jagged riffs and pulsing synth lines. It’s Resto doing what they do best, and it’s also two new songs we can look forward to hearing the band perform when they play JUMP Philly’s Red Bull Sound Select Show on August 18th.

RSVP for that gig here; grab yourself a name-your-own-price download of See / Sea here. Restorations also plays a sold-out show in the First Unitarian Church basement with Bear vs. Shark on October 1st.