Cubito Aequet album artwork | photo courtesy of artist

Inspiration meets experimentation on Bucks County pop-punk band Scuzbot‘s latest release Cubito Aequet, out earlier this summer. With a sound that coexists in the realms of ’90s alternative and grunge, as well as modern day pop punk, this new album is a bright offering, filled to the brim with musical influences carefully crafted together to create a one-of-a-kind collection of sounds. Within the album’s seven songs you’ll hear hints of Weezer, the basslines and backup vocals of Kerplunk! era Green Day, and the lightheartedness of Blink-182 sans the toilet humor lyricism. With a grab bag of styles from the greats, Scuzbot takes out the very best pieces, using them to brew together a wholly original tracklisting infused with their own struggles and realities.

The album opens with two total jammers, “Plastic Dreams” and “Your Doom,” the latter meshing a broody bass intro into a fast-paced shout-along. The band keeps things simple with a storytelling style on third track “The King Is Dead,” where they recount saving a princess; a fairy tale narrative or, more aptly, the plot of Super Mario.

“You’re falling faster than me,” the band screams on “Fit For Yourself.” “Your heart dripping down your sleeve,” conjuring the perfect visual representation for being unapologetically open about yourself and your feelings, although others may not feel the same way yet.

Closing track “Thanks For The Ride” evokes more current scene heroes like Motion City Soundtrack with lines that scowl from the scorn of heartbreak. “Since you’ve been with what’s his name I’ve been listening to music that doesn’t remind me of you everyday,” they sing, an all too familiar sentiment.

The band is currently in the process of writing new material, as well as booking several upcoming shows, so keep your eyes peeled for new concert announcements. Check out Cubito Aequet in full below.