Eric Slick puts together Steely Dan tribute in Brooklyn
Lithuania | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Tis the season of Yacht Rock, and what better way to celebrate than with a Steely Dan tribute show chock full of some of our favorite artists?

Eric Slick and The Talkhouse curated Reelin’ In the Years: a Tribute to Steely Dan as a spin-off of an in-depth piece the Dr. Dog drummer wrote, and they’ve wrangled members of Speedy Ortiz, Laser Background, The So So Glos, and Ava Luna, along with Ian Sweet, Twiga, Bad Faces and Slick’s own Dan-influenced Lithuania to be a part of it.

Yes, it’s in Brooklyn and not Philly. But it’s a Saturday night in October and that’s just about the time you’ll be ready for another quick weekend getaway after a summer of trips down the shore.

If you need more convincing that this is a worthwhile cause, read what Slick has to say:

Steely Dan is in the midst of a bit of a resurgence, having headlined Coachella 2015. I’m not a bandwagoner, though; I’m a staunch Danatic, through and through, and have been something of a Dan counselor to the uninitiated. I know it can be tough to wrap your mind around lyrical esoterica and crunchy Mu Major electric piano chords. If you’re around me long enough, though, I’ll try to convince you that Steely Dan belong in the upper echelon of rock worship.

More information for the October 8th cover / tribute show at Shea Stadium can be found here. Listen to “Peg” off of Aja and check out Lithuania’s new “Holy Water” single below.

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