Khemist | via

What were you doing on Wednesday afternoon? I can tell you what the folks over at Watts Studio were doing – they were sitting there with their jaws on the floor most likely while Philly MC Khemist cut an entire EP in 24 hours.

As producer Max Prime tells us, Khemist showed up at the space at 10 a.m., having never heard any of the beats before. He set to work matching them with rhymes and live streaming the session on Periscope. The backings are eclectic and funky: “Cosmic Kev” vibes in a fierce RZA kind of way, “Your All Welcome” is more low and bass-y, “Change” has a lite acoustic jazz feel to it, and comes off like a cool bit of open mic slam poetry.

Listen to the resulting All In A Day’s Work below, and grab a free download over at Soundcloud. If you’re feeling really adventurous, an eight-hour Periscope can be found here. Khemist headlines tonight at Pub Webb; the show is $15, begins at 8 p.m. and is 21+, more information can be found here.