Abi Reimold | photo by Haley Richter | haleyrichterphoto.com | courtesy of the artist

Before she had a band, Abi Reimold was a singer-guitarist who sometimes performed with a loop station. And even with the acclaim her debut LP Wriggling has racked up since its January release on Sad Cactus Records, Reimold still frequently hits the road lone wolf style.

Her band rules, make no mistake, but this live video of a new song called “Stars” is a reminder how much she rules on her own as well. The song is aching and expressive, weaving in harmony vocals from multiple Abis floating in the ether and then cutting them all way at a breathless crescendo. It’s a meditation on the roles we play for love, and the way those roles can change you: “baby we could be a picture we could be a movie scene / but will I wake up one morning and find that girl was never me?”

The video was filmed by Josh Nesmith and Brian Firestone this July at the Treehouse in Harrisburg, which appears to be the hottest basement of all time. The evident atmospheric discomfort just lends itself to Reimold’s performance, though. Check it out below, and catch Reimold on September 25th when she plays Space 1026 opening for Ava Luna. Wriggling is available now via Sad Cactus, and per Bandcamp, there are only six cassettes remaining — so let’s get on that, people! Get your order in here.