Sing, Bird of Prey | photo by Brian Azar

With their debut full-length set for release on September 13th and a tour quickly following, Sing, Bird of Prey are pretty busy right now. So let’s take a moment and soak up their latest single “Microsatellite,” the second track shared from Crystal Embryo by the local rockers.

Following March’s lead single “Diamond Marrow,” this cut locks into a midtempo groove immediately. The guitars and cymbal crashes crescendo into swirls of sound, then pull back in a dramatic ebb and flow as the vocals deliver self-examining lyrics about the duality of human nature. Like it’s theme, “Microsatellite” can be both gritty and lush – two sides of a musical spectrum. It’s multifaceted arrangements become textured and revealing rather than cluttered thanks to Kyle Pulley, who produced the record over at Headroom.

About the LP, the band says:

Crystal Embryo, our first LP is about the absence of altruism in nature. Specifically, human interaction. It’s a dark record with glimmers of hope sprinkled throughout. Overall, the theme of the record is the fact that you can try as hard as you can to be a part of the greater good, but there is something (an evil) holding each and every one of us back. “Microsatellite” is more specifically about looking in the mirror and facing the good and evil that control you and accepting it blissfully.

Stream the premiere below and celebrate the Crystal Embryo tape release with the band at Castle Weird Skull on September 16th and The Barbary on September 17th.