Jake Ewald | courtesy of the artist

With a successful album release in their rear view and an opening slot for Brand New in their future, Modern Baseball has been having quite the year. At this point, It would be easy for guitarist/songwriter Jake Ewald to rest on his laurels, but he’s not done yet. Somehow, in the midst of everything going on with his main band, he’s managed to write and record the debut album for side-project Slaughter Beach, Dog.

On “Forever”, you’re still getting a lot of what makes Modern Baseball great – introspective lyrics, youthful exuberance, and cathartic vocal delivery. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new on display, though. Slaughter Beach, Dog feels overall more light on its feet, with a sixteenth note hi-hat pattern and Ewald’s voice trading lines with nimble guitar figures. While this may just be a result of his maturation as a songwriter, there is a sense of playfulness on “Forever” that goes beyond what we have previously heard from his main band’s output. For an artist that seems fixated on his past, maybe Ewald is growing up a bit.

Welcome is available for preorder now via Lame-O Records. Look for the full release later this month when it drops Sept. 30th, and keep your eyes peeled for a Slaughter Beach, Dog tour in November.