Mykki Blanco | photo by Bruno Staub | courtesy of the artist

This Friday, Mykki Blanco releases her debut commercial LP, Mykki. For many, this will be their introduction to Blanco’s music, but those that have been paying attention know that she has been challenging hip-hop norms for years now with a slew of EP’s and mixtapes. Mykki is primed and ready to continue this trend, so for those still sleeping on her–it’s time to wake up.

Following previously released single “The Plug Won’t,” Blanco has shared “Loner”, which starts where the former left off. Over a bulbous, club-ready beat, she plunges headfirst into a nocturnal drugscape in search of release. Instead, she ends up caught in an emotional tug-of-war between a longing for companionship and her own independence. This sentiment is echoed by Jean Deaux on the hook, who follows up the lines “I don’t need your pity/please leave me alone” with the refrain “I’m alone, so hello.” While everyone around them is having the time of their lives, Blanco and Deaux can’t help but get caught up in their feelings.

Mykki Blanco kicks off a string of U.S. and European dates at PhilaMOCA this Thursday, where she is sure to strike the same balance between hedonism and introspection in an intimate setting. Tickets for the all ages show, which features local support from Philadelphia-based producer NAH, can be found here.