Photo by Peter Yang | Courtesy of the artist

This October, Phish‘s thirteenth studio album, Big Boat, sets sail. In anticipation, they have shared “Breath and Burning”, a sun-kissed, acoustic strummer that ruminates on the importance of living in the moment.

For those that caught Phish at The Mann this past June, “Breath and Burning” should sound familiar, albeit truncated. On record, they keep the jamming to a minimum in favor of tried-and-true pop structure.

Watch Phish perform “Breath and Burning” at the Mann in Philadelphia. 

Supposedly, vocalist/guitarist Trey Anastasio wrote this track on the beach, which makes sense considering its easygoing pace and playful instrumentation. Anastasio may be singing about “nightmares”, “black clouds”, and “hurricanes”, but he sounds downright joyful as he asks”What does it matter that the end’s in sight?”. This sentiment sounds especially personal for a band still going strong after more than thirty years in the business. If countless albums, tours, and side projects have proven anything, it’s that nothing will get between Phish and a good time.

Stream the track below on NPR Music’s All Songs Considered, and look for Big Boat’s full release early next month when it drops October 7th.