Explore a summer carnival with Little Strike in "Come Out Alright"
Little Strike | photo courtesy of the artist

The moments of inspiration behind Little Strike‘s art are usually global – time spent in Israel, a sojourn in Ecuador, or friendships made in China. But to film a new video for this year’s “Come Out Alright” single, Philly-based musician Tamar Dart traveled just 35 miles to Hammonton, NJ to capture the experience of the town’s annual summer carnival.

All the classic signs are there: a goldfish in a bag of water, a caricature artist, the glowing lights of a carousel. But what’s really striking about the video is how the international vibe of the song meshes with the images of an American carnival. Early on there’s a shot of Tamar’s feet as she walks through the crowded rows of colorful stalls, resembling for a second the crowded rows of colorful stalls in markets around the world. It’s just another reminder that we’re connected to a global community in more ways than we realize.

From Tamar:

It was a 2 day shoot at the annual carnival in Hammonton, NJ. The concept was to go cold into the environment, have me interact with the locals and see what we could learn. I act as a guide for the viewer. fun things happened, like a group of boys came up with a coordinated dance on the spot for us (it’s in the vid), kids kept losing at games (also in the vid), and I had a man just give me a rosary because he bought it earlier that day and he felt some close connection to me.

Tamar plays a show at Kung Fu Necktie on October 2nd; more information for the 21+ show can be found here. Watch “Come Out Alright” below, directed by Peter English.

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