Photo courtesy of the artist.
The Bones of J.R. Jones is actually the bones of Jonathon Linaberry, the main (only?) member of the band, which if you listen or see him live, is quite the feat. He certainly puts those bones and body to work, strumming, picking, kicking, thrashing, pounding, whispering, growling, and crooning. On his newest album, Spirit’s Furnace, The Bones takes that rough and raw roots & blues sound we know him for and amplifies it. Sometimes he literally amplifies it, full on band style. Sometimes he amplifies the stylistic elements, hitting the listener at the right time with the right phrasing or the right guitar slide. Those are victorious moments and they come often. Spirit’s Furnace is a record I have often revisited over the year since it came out and it is a rewarding listen every time; I highly recommend it.

This is the Bones of J.R. Jones’ second appearance on Folkadelphia Radio – the first came back in 2014. He returns to Philadelphia this coming Tuesday, 10/4 for a show at the Boot & Saddle.