The Only Ghost in Town | photo by Joe Lamberti, courtesy of the artist

The Only Ghost in Town is back after a two year hiatus with their recently released single called “Coming Along.”

The New Jersey trio features Dan Saraceni and Devin Petitte of By Surprise and Carolyn Haynes of Ghost Gum. “Coming Along” is the first single released from the band’s forthcoming album Mirage, out this winter on Broken World Media. The album will be available via digital download and cassette tape.

Saraceni said that the album “is a space rock opera about growing up and coming to terms with the past” and The Only Ghost In Town tells that story through shoegazy pop songs. “Coming Along” was no exception. Carried by a blend of nearly indistinguishable instruments blended with Saraceni’s dreamy vocals, it is clear that The Only Ghost in Town is determined to continue producing dream pop ballads in the spirit of genre torch-bearers like My Bloody Valentine.

It doesn’t look like The Only Ghost in Town has any upcoming shows scheduled in Philadelphia, but we don’t doubt that this will soon change after the release of their new album. Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook or yhe WXPN Concert Calendar for updates on the band and any upcoming shows. (UPDATE: The Only Ghost in Town does have a show lined up: November 16th at Bourbon and Branch with Sure Juror. Tickets and information here.)

Check out the new track below.