Folkadelphia Session: Matt Bauer - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Photo by Jenny Lee, courtesy of the artist.
Matt Bauer, the nomadic spirit and musician now residing primarily in Brooklyn (last I checked), writes songs that have lives. You see, Bauer’s songs wake up and sleep just like us; they see, hear, talk, and feel. As with our dynamic human lives, Bauer’s songs have an existence of thoughtfulness and inner monologue which is sometimes penetrated by the encroaching and occasionally foreboding external world. What they most like to do, however, is breathe. These songs tell stories and paint pictures, and then take a step back for a pause and for space. Somewhere along the way, you learn in life that silence is as meaningful and precious as the noisy moments. Bauer’s albums live that sentiment.

Way back when, Matt Bauer was one of the first Folkadelphia in-studio sessions that we presented on the air (you can’t currently listen to that one, but maybe we’ll change that soon). After all of these years, it is wonderful to be in a position to invite Matt back to the studio for a solo session of extreme beauty and imaginative story-songs. Matt has a gift for creating truly cohesive “listen front-to-back” albums, but I would urge you to listen to his latest Dream’s End to hear more.

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