Julia Hudak | Photo by Michelle Goodwin | instagram.com/mitchshe | courtesy of the artist

The latest from Bucks County singer-songwriter Julia Hudak has all of the best pieces of her music that we love: haunting vocals, measured acoustic guitar, and ever-present soul.

The tempo remains deliberate throughout “Bone Feast,” and is carried by the ominous notes of Hudak’s acoustic guitar and the few lyrics present are formatted like free verse poetry: they paint vivid images but aren’t obvious about it, leaving much to the imagination. Lyrics like “Broke to ash, charcoal, stone / Dirt to sand, I am alive” cast an eerie metaphorical shadow that is far too intriguing to walk away from.

I’ve been noticing that artists, both new and established, have been releasing music in which the instrumental arrangements are at the forefront of a track with vocals acting as auxiliary contributions. “Bone Feast” is another song that reverses the typical construction of a lot of music produced today, and Hudak’s efforts certainly paid off, giving the song a haunting mystique.

Listen to this new demo below, but If you want to experience the effect of Hudak’s music for yourself, she will be performing at Kung Fu Necktie on October 16th. Tickets and more information on the show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.