Mock Suns go to virtual reality prom in new "Don't Wanna Miss You" video
Mock Suns | photo by Kate Bracaglia for WXPN

Mock Suns teamed up with Virgin Mobile Uprising for their new “Don’t Wanna Miss You” video, a track taken from the local psych-pop outfit’s latest Stay True LP. Always a band to strike as many nostalgia chords as possible, this clip whisks us off to prom (though the milestone event has gotten a few futuristic upgrades).

The video opens with a guy reclining on a beanbag chair surrounded by music gear. While he waits to hear back from a friend named Natalie after asking if she has a prom date, he opens up an app called “GoToProm” and selects his look for the evening. He then straps on his virtual reality goggles and suddenly he’s dancing in a dark, colorfully-lit room with Natalie as Mock Suns’ song spirals down a spacey tunnel.

It’s an interesting view on the path that virtual reality technology could go down, connecting people to experiences they might have missed out on or want to experience again. The song’s lyrics, meanwhile, are centered on a more common form of connection as the protagonist sits by the telephone with an anxious hope that the person they are waiting for will call.

Watch “Don’t Wanna Miss You” below, written and directed by the band’s own Greg Puglese, and check out Stay True in full here.

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