Hezekiah Jones | Photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN | cameronpollackphotography.com

In the trio of singles that Hezekiah Jones have just released as Har! Har! Har! we’re introduced to a new cast of characters, building on the local band’s vivid and varied songwriting world that we last entered through 2015’s In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw.  These songs are part of a new EP that will be available in physical form later this year, which also features five secret cover songs.

Amidst the high-pitched ring of a small keyboard and a choral harmony we meet “Yeshe & Horus,” a pair who are trying to persevere through compromise. The song grows into a hand-clapping, head-bobbing upbeat tune that is as optimistic as it is realistic. Next is the somewhat dirgy “Between a Sea & a Soft Place,” a song whose instrumental arrangements and hushed duet of “Postscript” by Conner Callahan would slip in easily alongside a silent production of any horror drama. Finally we reach “Sylvia North,” a mellow message to its titular character that soothes between distant drums and a fluttering synth.

The band plays the 8th annual Red Corner Benefit in Douglassville, PA this Saturday, October 15th. Later this year they’ll join Mason Porter at the Ardmore Music Hall; tickets and information for that show can be found here. Listen to the Har! Har! Har! EP now via Spotify or iTunes.