Brandon Can’t Dance | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

It’s been a good year for Philadelphia’s Brandon Ayres, who performs under the moniker Brandon Can’t Dance.

He kicks off a tour with fellow Philadelphian Alex G on Halloween that will take him to locales like New Orleans, Chicago and a show in Denver where Australian rocker Courtney Barnett will be playing a set. Earlier this year he was picked up by Lucky Number Records, and is slated to release his album Graveyard of Good Times on January 13th.

Our first peek at the album is the newly released “Smoke and Drive Around,” an electro/indie-pop track sang entirely in falsetto by Ayres. The video released with the track features Brandon Can’t Dance driving around and chain smoking cigarettes as the audio of the song plays in the background. This track embodies the thoughts of teenagers on a Friday night heading to a party.

The song is dominated by the lyrics “Dance with somebody / the world can’t hold me down,” a perfect battle cry for rowdy adolescents ready for a night of substance-fueled debauchery. Fittingly, Brandon Can’t Dance plays Trash House in Temple area on Friday night. So, I dare say that this electric Friday evening is the perfect night to head over to North Philly to see Brandon Can’t Dance with “Smoke and Drive Around” playing on repeat during the ride over.

Check out his Facebook for more info on the show and listen to the new track below.