Spelling Reform | photo by Jonathan Brown | courtesy of artist

Philadelphia indie rockers Spelling Reform just released their latest single “Expiration Date,” the first music we’re hearing from the band’s debut LP No One’s Ever Changed.

Kicking off with a sweet dance-able bass line by Tom Howley, singer/songwriter Dan Wisniewski starts to spit Weird-Al twang style vocals, with a continuous insistence that he has “all my numbers in a row” and that it’s “just your expiration date, babe.” The easy-flowing jam created by the rest of band (Andrew Ciampa on guitar, and Mark Rybaltowski on drums) showcases a relatable fall feeling of not knowing anything, but figuring out how to get by (“master of nothing / except learning how to pretend”).

Listen to the single below, pre-order their new record, and make sure to catch their record release show at Johnny Brenda’s on November 18th.