Johnny Fever’s guest DJ set on #XPNBinge is not available at this time, but almost everything is avialble to stream below | photo via Tumblr

Last weekend, WXPN binged on the music of the 1970s for over 50 straight hours. Did you miss any of it? We’ve got you covered.

David Dye delivered an all-70s edition of Funky Friday.

70s Binge – Funky Friday

Check out Dan Reed’s free-form 70s overnight show.

70s Binge – Overnight Free Form

Dan also featured 70s punk on Saturday afternoon with acclaimed historian Legs McNeil.

70s Binge – Punk Rock

Program Director Bruce Warren played an eclectic Saturday morning set of 70s jams

70s Binge – Eclectic

Listen to the all 70s Sleepy Hollow.

70s Binge – Sleepy Hollow

Listen to Mike Vasilikos’ all-live classic concert tracks from the 70s.

70s Binge – Live Tracks

The Blues Show with Jonny Meister featured all 70s music. Listen HERE.

The Geator’s Rock ‘N Roll Rhythm & Blues Express brought us an all 70s soul spectacular. HERE