The Menzingers | Photo by Rocco Peditto for WXPN |

Scranton punk rock heroes The Menzingers have historically worked the imagery of religion into their lyrics — the push/pull between what we’re taught growing up, how to be a quote-unquote good person, and how that plays out in the real world. Their latest single (which showed up today on Spotify) addresses that head-on.

“Bad Catholics” finds co-frontman Greg Barnett narrating the story of a young couple who with pious parentage who are, for their part, indifferent towards church. They skipped out of mass before communion to get lit, loiter at the local Turkey Hill and evade the cops. But we all grow up, and later in life, the one runs into the other at a neighborhood picnic with a new husband and a baby on the way.

Barnett, along with co-songwriter Tom May, have made the band rise the ranks of the international DIY punk scene because of relatable character sketch songs — with this story bounding over classic Menzos riffs and beats and Will Yip’s production, “Bad Catholics” is no exception.

“To everyone you’re a sweet church girl,” Barnett sings. “But I know your secret.”

Give the song a listen below. The song will be on The Menzingers’ latest full-length, After the Party out on February 3, 2017 via Epitaph. The band doesn’t have any Philly shows scheduled, but if you’re hitting up The FEST in Gainesville this weekend, The Menzingers play 6 p.m. Saturday at Bo Diddley Plaza; more information here.