Carolyn Thorn | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

As a Temple-graduated music therapist, using music as a means for healing is normal to Carolyn Thorn. Her new single “Joan of Arc” explores her self-detrimental mindset, making a point of how much of a stronger and braver person she’d be if anxiety and lack of confidence didn’t trap her: “Sometimes I take myself far too seriously / ‘Cause I get stuck in my own thoughts of me,” she sings “But if I was Joan of Arc / I wouldn’t be afraid.”

The song recruited seasoned vets of the scene such as producers Ross Bellenoit (Ginger Coyle, Sweetback Sisters) and Jeff Hiatt (Arc Divers, Honey Watts), and was recorded at South Philly’s Turtle Studios. It’s the first single from her new full length, Standing, out in December.

Keeping a cruising rhythm throughout, “Joan Of Arc” bobs between the twangy guitar and plucky bass, she fluctuates between moments of self-doubt and undeniable spunk. Thorn wants to be the strong woman that everyone knows she is — we hear that reflected in the lyric “I teach myself to let the world see who I am / ‘Cause I’m afraid of that.” Thorn’s release encapsulates one of the most personal and worthwhile indie debuts I’ve seen this year. Keep a close eye on her.

Stream and purchase the new single below, and check out her full length debut Standing, out at the end of 2016.