Run The Jewels | courtesy of the artist

In light of recent political developments that will remain unnamed, Run the Jewels have shared the second track from their eagerly anticipated RTJ3. It’s called “2100” and features Boots, who previously collaborated with the emcees on RTJ2‘s “Early”. This is everything we’ve come to expect from these guys–epic, lyrically dense, and as party ready as it is thought-provoking. If there’s one thing we can all agree on right now, it’s that Killer Mike and El-P are really, really good at writing rap songs.

The duo hadn’t planned on releasing “2100” just yet, but considering its subject matter, you can see why they would. In a short statement included with the track, they describe it as being “about love” and “wanting more for all of us”, and that sentiment really comes through in the rapid-fire lyrical volley that has become the group’s trademark. All the while, Boots’ moody hook gives the song structure and provides necessary breathing room, making “2100” another dramatic, exciting installment to a formula that refuses to go stale.

Stream the track below. Then, head over to our Concert Calendar for tickets and more information on their upcoming Electric Factory gig.