Heart Harbor | Photo by Jessica Kourkounis | courtesy of the artist | Kourkounis.com

Recording under the name Heart Harbor, local musician Kerry Hallett is well-positioned to provide songs that heal and comfort. Her newest single “A Million Years” does just that, written in response to the tragic shooting in Orlando earlier this year and benefitting GALAEI Philadelphia, a queer/Latinx social justice organization.

In an effort to create a space of companionship and support, Hallett brought together friends and collaborators for the recording of “A Million Years.” The result is a warming slow-burner that strikes at the profound sadness and feelings of vulnerable isolation that rippled through the nation in the aftermath.

In a message on Bandcamp, Hallett writes:

“A Million Years” was written in honor of everyone affected by the Orlando tragedy. I wrote the song on the morning that all the news was coming in about what happened the night before in Florida. As soon as I’d written it, I envisioned recording it with friends in a healing space to honor the lost and those who had lost loved ones, and as a way for friends and I to come together to process and sift through the myriad of feelings we were experiencing as queer-identifying folks.


The song features a cast of musicians I am proud to call my friends and collaborators. Jesse Moore, Julia Rainer, Keaton Thandi and I came together for a day in the University of the Arts music studio in Philadelphia to record, and Erin McKeown contributed guitar and vocals later that we added in during the mixing process. I hope this humble offering of a song can help others who are still hurting, and that it will remind us that we are all connected, beautiful, and strong.

Stream and download “A Million Years” below. All proceeds will be donated to GALAEI Philadelphia.