Wesley Stace | courtesy of the artist

UK-born, Philly-based singer/songwriter Wesley Stace, AKA John Wesley Harding, is fusing his two personas on his latest album, Wesley Stace’s John Wesley HardingIt’s out next February 24th, features The Jayhawks on backing band duties, and it’s first single “Let’s Evaporate” is out now.

Over a breezy, soft rock instrumental, Stace implores the listener to “escape into the clouds” with him and “evaporate” away from the hum-drum of every day life. The track remains pretty grounded until its outro, where, with one last “let’s evaporate”, it becomes hushed and atmospheric as plaintive piano and long delay guitars bring the song to a gentle close. While your corporeal form is still intact, you can stream “Let’s Evaporate” below.