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That Dream Was Our Life | photo via Bandcamp

For several years now, James Cuartero has been writing gentle, mellow rock and pop under his That Dream Was Our Lifemoniker. After releasing a series of 12 EP’s between 2014 and 2015, he’s back with Youth Decays, a somber, five song set that sees Cuartero searching for answers and seizing the day as much as humanly possible.

The EP begins with the sparse, lilting “Nothing You’ve Lost Is Ever Truly Gone”, which explores lingering feelings of loss. Then, Cuartero travels abroad on lonely ballad “La Passe”, which recounts a visit to Montreal. Meanwhile, the pulsing title track serves as the EP’s centerpiece, distilling his ruminations on impermanence into one compact, three minute package. “A Wild Pack of Dogs” stands out from the bunch for its driving hi-hats and distorted guitar leads, but this lively departure is only momentary, as closing track “Sand Fires” brings the EP to a soft, sleepy finish.

This is quiet, introspective music for quiet, introspective people and a cozy companion to the rapidly dipping temperatures. Below, check out Youth Decays now via That Dream Was Our Life’s Bandcamp.

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