Minka | photo by Matt Kelly | instagram.com/kaiyotephoto | courtesy of the artist

Last year, Philly dance-rock outfit MINKA released the glammed-up pop jam “My Room,” a song we praised at the time for its healthy embrace of all things Bowie. Today, as the band prepares to cap 2016 with a pair of shows, we bring you the immersive video for the song, directed by Ian Ross and Tyler Pakstis and starring Chad Fisher, Caroline Cummings, and Laura Schott. MINKA leader Dick Rubin has this to say about the video:

at first glance, you’ve got a classic story: boy meets girl, boy actually has girlfriend, girlfriend discovers his infidelity and goes into uncontrollable fit of rage.
as the couple’s conversation turns to chaos, their surroundings seem more and more surreal. eventually, a physical illusion is shattered – just like their relationship.
the real stars of “my room” are the rooms themselves.

Watch the “My Room” video below, and see the band live on Thursday, December 22nd for its monthly Deviant Diskotek dance party at The Barbary. MINKA also performs New Years Eve at at Underground Arts with West Philly Orchestra, Johnny Showcase, and Muscle Tough. Tickets and more information on both shows can be found here.