The News | photo courtesy of the artist

Local electro-pop duo The News premiered their newest single “Be Like Mike”, recreating everyone’s euphoric high school late summer nights with sweet synth-filled goodness.

Throwing back to the engulfing electronic vibe of yesteryear while somehow feeling like The Weeknd, “Be Like Mike” dives into a drama-riddled relationship where no one wants to let go. Lead vocalist Rachel Haines leads the charge (“Trying hard to recreate the love that you remember”) during a Vegas-esque mid-August night, where whatever happens, happens. Perfectly encapsulating millennials’ care-free attitude, The News squeezes every bit of teenage freedom into a 3-minute anthemic make-out song, latching on to the last bit of warm weather and summer love.

Listen to the song below, as well as the band’s other recently released single “Feel Better”