Thom McCarthy | photo via

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Thom McCarthy gets an A+ for song titles. The Philly singer-songwriter just this week released two tracks from his forthcoming record, and they are called “Primal Whistle of the Wind” and “Hobnob With the Doomed.” I don’t think anymore needs to be said; these curiosity-inducing phrases get your brain working before you even hit play (or maybe it’s just me).

“Primal Whistle of the Wind” is carried by resonant acoustic guitar and paired with earnest vocals that depict a struggle to escape an emotional purgatory. “Hobnob with the Doomed” is driven forward by similar instrumental arrangements with slight deviations in style. The lyrics appear to introduce a narrative, that could span the LP, in which listeners and / or the storyteller venture down a road that leads them out of purgatory, but quickly transitions into Hell. 

Both of these songs are from McCarthy’s forthcoming record Marvin The Giant and both have an energy similar to that of Bear’s Den — McCarthy’s music, however, is cloaked in a veil of stoic sobriety not present in the music of the British folk rockers.

On the album release date, there is a record release planned show at Bourbon and Branch with fellow Philly musician Joshua Park. You can get more information on the show here. Check out the two new tracks below.