Carroll | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |

Miner Street Recordings’ music production web series Shaking Through welcomed the Philly-by-way-of-Minneapolis psych-rockers of Carroll to its most recent episode. In a way, it was a welcome home for the group since their 2014 single “Bad Water” was recorded with Miner Street’s Jon Low.

The quartet is quickly making a name locally and just released their debut long-player As Far as Gardens Go in November to positive reviews. For their episode of Shaking Through, the boys chose their tranquil ballad “Private Moon” to be mixed and recorded during their one day session.

Lead vocalist Brian Harlow said that the band has been in a “blue period” for a while now and that “Private Moon” is a final marker to signify a forthcoming tonal shift in their music. Check it out below.

I would try to explain to you all of the technicalities of the recording process, but I would just make a fool of myself. Your best bet is to check out the episode. You can be a fly on the wall for everything from the recording to the discussions about production between Miner Street’s Brian McTear and the band in this new episode of Shaking Through. 

Their next scheduled show is on February 9th at MilkBoy. Click here for tickets and info and Check out the episode below.