Sun Airway | photo courtesy of the artist

Earlier this week Sun Airway welcomed the new year with a new song, taken from the forthcoming Heraldic Black Cherry LP that we expect to hear in full later this year. “All In” is the second track Jon Barthmus has shared since returning from a four year musical hiatus and features local singer-songwriter Cynthia G Mason on vocals.

If lead single “FOAM” pulled back on the prismatic sonic collages that spun previous outputs Soft Fall and Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier into sparkling whirlwinds of textures and colors in favor of a more focused pop vision, “All In” reaches back to the multimedia layers of those earlier works. A rustling of static carries in the saturated tropi-synths that buoy Barthmus and Mason’s dreamy duet. There’s a sprinking of bright distortion here, a 3D, technicolor scale slide there, and pieces of sounds that feel like snippets of larger, totally different projects floating throughout.

Stream “All In” below and revisit “FOAM” here.