Coping Skills | photo by Julia Leiby | courtesy of the band

Last April, Coping Skills shared their sophomore release, Relatable Web Content. It featured a track called “Fuck Me Up, Ben Gibbard“, and now the song has inspired US Tour of the same name. Supposedly, the dates are a pilgrimage of sorts, culminating in Chicago where the duo will attend Gibbard’s January 20th performance at Thalia Hall with Julian Baker. In anticipation, they’ve shared a cover of Death Cab For Cutie’s “A Lack of Color” from Transatlanticism. Check out the track as well as a full interview with the band over at The Grey Estates. Find the tour’s humorous poster by Michael Smaczylo below.

Like its Transatlanticism counterpart, Coping Skills’ take on the track is a ambient, hushed affair, but the methods they use to get there is where they diverge. Where the original uses soft, outdoor noise to create a sense of space, the latter uses cavernous reverb. This makes the cover feel chilly by comparison, giving it an overall lonelier feel. It’s a faithful rendition, but they manage to do it justice on their own terms, and they won’t have to be alone for much longer. Hold on, Coping Skills: you’ll be with your Gibbard soon.

poster by Michael Smaczylo