No Thank You | photo by Peter Murray | courtesy of the artist

Kaytee Della-Monica, who records as No Thank You,  only released her debut demo a few months ago, but she’s already signed to Lame-O Records with a full length on the way. In anticipation, she’s shared its lead single, “Juicy J”. The song previously appeared on A Nü Start, as a scratchy acoustic strummer, but now, it’s been given new life with a higher fidelity recording and fleshed-out arrangement. Stream the track, with its Della-Monica designed album cover, below.

Where the EP version of “Juicy J” felt quiet and small, this version is downright powerful. Pounding drums and dull, thudding bass cut through a distorted wash of guitar and keyboard, creating a dense haze for Della-Monica’s bright, chiming voice to get lost in. The instrumentation may carry a heavy shoegaze influence, but the melody and vocal delivery scream power pop, allowing No Thank You to fit in perfectly with the rest of the Lame-O roster. It’s an exhilarating minute-and-a-half listen, and we’re as excited to hear the rest of the album as Della-Monica is about primary colors.

No Thank You’s Jump Ship is February 24th via Lame-O Records. You can catch her live tonight when she performs as part of her label’s charitable ‘Rock Residency’ at Boot & Saddle. Head over to XPN’s Concert Calendar for more information.