Strand of Oaks | photo by Maclay Heriot | courtesy of the artist

Following on the emotional soul-searching heels of “Radio Kids,” Strand of Oaks have now unleashed a video for new single “Rest of It.” Both tracks will appear on the Philly band’s forthcoming Hard Love LP, due out February 17th via Dead Oceans.

With marital and familial struggles, as wells as the over-the-top experiences that come with sudden (well deserved) large-scale success, serving as primary inspiration for Hard Love, it’s a record that is turning out to be sonically larger than life and thematically acutely intimate with each new track we hear. “Rest of It” channels frontman Tim Showalter’s wilder days, with crunchy guitar solos and an adrenaline rush tempo that plays out as a late night of partying in the accompanying video.

In his write-up on “Radio Kids,” XPN’s Bruce Warren remembered a conversation he once had with Showalter that also sheds some light on this song. Warren wrote:

Showalter once told me that as he’s gotten older, he’s had to reconcile his youthful, wilder, rock and roll partying ways with his maturity into adulthood. It’s a common struggle that many of us go through, an experience shared, like bonding over a song you would hear when listening to the radio.

If the latter part of that story was the impetus for “Radio Kids,” the first part serves as the foundation for “Rest of It.”

Watch the video below and pick up tickets for Oaks’ March 10th date at Union Transfer with Twin Limb here.